Quest Services

Bacteria / Legionella Assessments

Air, water, and surface sampling for bacteria. Water testing for Legionella.

Environmental Assessment

Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III ESAs.

Fire / Smoke Assessments

Fire/smoke inspections, sampling, remediation protocol design, and post-remediation/clearance assessments.

Industrial Hygiene / Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Investigation of chemical, biological, and physical contaminants in indoor environments.

Meth Assessments

Regulatory-compliant meth assessments for impacted properties, potentially impacted properties, and real estate transactions.

Mold Assessments

Microflora/mold assessments, sampling, mitigation protocol design, and post-mitigation/clearance assessments.

Noise Assessments

Occupational and environmental noise pollution assessments and monitoring.

Radon Assessments

Radon testing for residential, commercial, and public buildings.

Risk Management

Top-quality environmental risk management services throughout the U.S. and around the globe.

Sewer / Water Assessments

Drinking water and groundwater sampling for contaminants, including lead. Sewer release assessments.