Industrial Hygiene / Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Industrial hygiene is the science of protecting and enhancing the health and safety of people at work and in their communities. Health and safety hazards cover a wide range of chemical, physical, biological and ergonomic stressors. Those dedicated to anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling those hazards are known as Industrial Hygienists. They are professionals dedicated to the well-being of people – at work, at home and in the community. (American Board of Industrial Hygiene)

Indoor air quality can be compromised by contaminants that impact the health of occupants and create exposure and liability issues. QUEST’s indoor air quality specialists identify, quantify, and provide site-specific recommendations to resolve indoor air quality problems in schools, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, manufacturing facilities, and residences.

Different problems have different needs. Our industrial hygienists:

  • Understand your assessment needs.
  • Identify contaminant levels and sources.
  • Recommend strategies and remediation activities to resolve your concerns.
  • Train facility managers and operations personnel on IAQ solutions.
  • Conduct final clearance assessments.

On-site monitoring with hand-held instruments can provide real-time insights, while sampling for a wide range of toxics-in-air can supply additional data to direct remediation efforts or assess compliance with standards and guidelines. QUEST’s total building environmental systems approach uses scientific and engineering methods to identify sources and distribution pathways of IAQ issues and develop remediation plans.