Coronavirus, Bacteria, and Legionella Assessments

Coronavirus: To meet the evolving needs of property owners and cleaning contractors during the COVID-19 pandemic, QUEST now offers coronavirus site inspection and post-cleaning assessment services that utilize the most current knowledge and technologies available. The coronavirus response landscape can change quickly, so please contact our office for an updated service menu and view the following video. Please note that we are qualified to provide environmental assessments only and do not provide medical diagnostic testing.

Bacteria: Bacteria testing can be particularly useful in instances where sewer or soil-contaminated water has been released into an occupied space, contaminated drinking water is suspected, or occupants are particularly susceptible to illness. Bacteria testing can also play an essential role in the sanitary maintenance of health care environments and athletic facilities, such as locker rooms. QUEST conducts sampling assessments for bacteria in air, water, and on surfaces.

Legionella: Legionella bacteria occur naturally in surface waters and are present at low concentrations in many municipal water supplies. Under specific temperature conditions (approximately 60-125°F) these bacteria may amplify. Because the bacteria are naturally occurring and widely prevalent, and because they may cause disease through inhalation of aerosols, control strategies emphasize the prevention of exposure of individuals to aerosols that may contain Legionella.

In commercial buildings, hotels, spas, hospitals, or other locations with large or complex potable water systems, water cooling towers, or water features that aerosolize water (such as misters or fountains), it is vital to have a water system maintenance program that includes testing for the Legionella bacteria. Outbreaks and individual cases of legionellosis—commonly known as Legionnaires’ disease—continue to occur throughout the United States, so continuous effort is required to monitor and control populations of Legionella. In addition to sampling for Legionella, QUEST is qualified to assess the risks associated with Legionella and to assist in the development of an effective long-term Legionella maintenance program in conformance with the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 “Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems.” QUEST’s assessment can enable you to understand existing Legionella risks and implement a Legionella risk management program to minimize environmental exposures. If requested, we can also provide on-going risk management services.