Project Oversight

Project Oversight: Mold

In addition to offering state-of-the-art inspection and sampling services, QUEST specializes in developing, managing and accessing the effectiveness of mold remediation activities.  We continually strive to create and maintain the best protocols possible for remediation activities, to ensure the best remediation at the most cost effective price.

Project Oversight: Meth

In addition to the site assessment and sampling for methamphetamine, QUEST offers project oversight services including communicating the decontamination scope of work to remediation contractors, performing bid walks with potential contractors, providing support for contractor selection, and overseeing the remediation activities of the selected contractor.

Project Oversight: Environmental

The environmental liabilities associated with owning or managing properties require buyers and sellers (as well as lenders, brokers, agents, developers, appraisers, landlords, tenants, and attorneys) to conduct diligent inquiry into the environmental condition of a property. QUEST services include project design, pre-contract bidding, contractor screening, project management and project oversight and monitoring.

Project Oversight: Legionella

The presence of Legionella in a water system can be overwhelming for any building owner/manager. QUEST has extensive experience in risk assessment, sampling and designing a decontamination scope of work as well as managing the project from start to finish. QUEST can work with your company and the contractors to make sure the process runs smoothly and adheres to all government and health department standards.