Fire / Smoke Assessments

QUEST has extensive experience working with property owners, remediation contractors, and insurers to design fire/smoke investigations tailored to your needs. Depending on the source materials burned, residues of soot, char, and ash (as in outdoor range fires) and volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds and other primary and secondary fire constituents (as in building or vehicle related fires) may deposit on building materials and contents. To investigate the presence, extent, and locations of smoke residue, we typically conduct a visual inspection for evidence of residual contamination, monitor the indoor air quality for trace gases and total volatile organic compounds, and collect air and/or surface samples for primary and secondary fire indicators. Once the extent of damage is understood, we provide a scope of work for remediation and, at your request, may meet on site with your chosen restoration contractor to help guide the clean-up process. The final step is a post-remediation inspection and final clearance sampling survey to confirm that the remediation and cleaning has been adequate to return the site to its pre-fire condition.

QUEST has assisted many insurance companies with claims relating to fire and smoke damage. QUEST targets the areas impacted and develops a site-specific scope of work, enabling projects to be efficient and cost effective. During a pre-remediation assessment, we develop the clearance criteria for the project so that the property owner, remediation contractor, insurance company, and other interested parties can agree upon the final resolution to the fire repairs.