Meth Assessments

Suspecting or discovering that your property is contaminated with methamphetamine (meth) can be alarming. QUEST has extensive experience assessing properties for meth impacts and can guide you through the sometimes complex process, step by step.

Meth assessment is regulated state by state, and QUEST’s assessments fully conform to each state’s regulations and guidelines to minimize our clients’ risk and liability. For all assessments, QUEST provides a formal report that fully complies with the relevant state’s requirements. In Colorado, QUEST is fully qualified to conduct the three types of meth assessments prescribed by our state’s regulations:

  • Screening Level Assessment: If there is no known or suspected meth contamination (such as in a typical real estate transaction, where the assessment is just a precaution), a Screening Level Assessment is appropriate. This assessment requires a sampling survey, but the prescribed number of samples is fewer than what is required to clear a property known to be contaminated. If no meth is detected, or if detected meth concentrations are all below the state’s screening level criteria of 0.2 µg/cm2, no further action is needed. If meth is detected above the screening level criteria, QUEST can advise the property owner on how best to bring the property into regulatory compliance.
  • Preliminary Assessment: If meth contamination is already known or suspected, a Preliminary Assessment is appropriate. A sampling survey may or may not be required, depending on the known history of the property, so QUEST takes pains to ensure that whatever sampling strategy is employed is the most cost-effective for the client while still meeting the state’s regulatory requirements. Sampling may be utilized to define the contaminated areas in order to guide the decontamination efforts or to determine areas that are not contaminated. If decontamination is required, QUEST will direct you to Colorado’s decontamination requirements and will be pleased to confer with your selected decontamination contractor to ensure the best results.
  • Clearance Level Assessment: If decontamination has already been conducted, or if a property is found to be far less contaminated than initially suspected, a Clearance Level Assessment is appropriate. A thorough number of samples is collected in conformance with the state’s regulations in order to confirm that all areas of the property contain only meth concentrations that are below the state’s cleanup criteria or are non-detectable. Further decontamination and re-testing may continue as needed until the entire property successfully clears. The county or municipal authority then relies on QUEST’s Clearance Level Assessment report in making their determination to clear the property for re-occupancy. Depending on local regulations, some authorizing bodies will also conduct their own clearance sampling survey after their receipt of QUEST’s report.

Consultants and decontamination contractors must be state-certified to handle meth projects in Colorado. Although we hope to earn your business, even if you don’t choose us, please ensure that your sampling and clean-up personnel are meth-certified if your property is in Colorado. The list of certified individuals and companies, including QUEST, is provided by the State of Colorado here. Further information on meth assessment is provided by the State here.